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Paquette Consulting is a management consulting firm headed by Philémon Paquette. Mr. Paquette has been in business as an independent management consultant specializing in accountability clarification and the effective allocation of human resources for more than thirty years, and brings more than 40 years expertise earned in the Canadian Federal Government, with the US Army Headquarters General Staff, launching and serving on the boards of directors of several organizations and from consulting. He has proven expertise in strategic planning and management, organization design and development, group facilitation and training, performance measurement and evaluation, economic analysis and development, and service improvement, labour-management relations, and strategic communications. One of Paquette Consulting's principal associates is Mr. Brian Beyer, a senior staffing specialist. Mr. Beyer is certified by the Public Service Commission as a staffing officer and has more than 30 years’ experience. Another of Paquette Consulting’s principal associates is Ms. Suzan Schmekel, a senior communications specialist. Ms. Schmekel has more than 30 years’ experience in communications and has significant experience in the effective structuring of communications organizations, and in the writing and evaluation of the occupational groups used by communications organizations (e.g. IS, AS, CR) and related information fields (PM and EC). Ms. Schmekel’s services can also be explored on her own website at

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