Paquette Consulting

Paquette Consulting - Organization Design and Classification Services

These services are available to employers under the PWGSC PS On Line, and the PWGSC Task and solutions Professional Services (TSPS) Standing Offer, and other procurement instruments.

Philémon Paquette is the lead specialist in these services, bringing extensive experience with most executive (EX), scientific and professional groups (BI, CH, EC(ES), ENG, FI, LA, PC, RES, REM, etc) and others (AS, CR, CS, DD, EC(SI), EG, EL, GL, GT, PM, TI, etc.), and has a reputation of being particularly adept at resolving occupational group allocation and classification issues. Mr. Paquette has worked extensively with the FI community, the CS community, the IS community, the EC (ES and SI) communities, the EL community, and the EX community.

Mr. Paquette's Consultation Resumé